Audience Insights Overview

Oath Audience Insights is a highly interactive product that enables advertisers/agencies to identify, explore and understand audiences by accessing Oath’s vast data assets.

In essence, it enables a comprehensive 360 degree view of users within our network by aggregating various Yahoo and third-party data sources along with your first-party data, so that highly relevant audiences can be created, thereby improving the return on reach or performance based campaigns.


Audience Insights provides the ability to visualize aggregated audience information across various dimensions such as:

  • Demographics: Age, gender, location, income, etc.
  • Search Habits: Top keywords, categories searched for, etc.
  • Purchase History: Top categories purchased, top vendors purchased from, etc.
  • Travel Interests: Propensity to travel, top hotels, top destinations, top airlines, etc.
  • Behavioral Profile: Interests, app behavior, device usage, etc.

The above dimensions are also enabled as filters, which allow you to select or narrow down an audience and then explore trends for the selected audience or compare against a baseline. The product is designed to be highly intuitive with easy to read charts as well as highly responsive with queries or filters being handled in near real time.

Use Cases

The main goal of Audience Insights tool is to make audiences discoverable, which allows you to optimize campaigns by building better segments.

This allows you to answer key questions such as:

  • Who are my customers?
  • How are they similar or different from my competitor’s customers?
  • Of those in-market, who am I not winning as a customer?

For example, you can ask the question, “What were the people who bought jeans in the last 30 days searching for?” and have answers in less than a second.

In addition, if you are an existing advertiser with Oath, we can also help you understand your audience:

  • What are my customers doing on the Internet?
  • What are they searching for?
  • What are they buying?
  • Where are they going?
  • How do I expand my audience?
  • How is my converting audience different from a baseline?

Oath Audience Insights enables you to leverage Yahoo, third-party data and your own first-party data to discover new insights into audiences that matter to you. These insights provide opportunities to predict future actions based on a user’s recent behavior such as searches, purchases, interests, and travel history.

New Advertisers

If you are a new advertiser, Audience Insights allows you to explore user behavior and gain valuable insights that potentially inform a future audience for your initial campaigns. The more you learn about Yahoo users, the more opportunities you will have to deliver highly effective messages to your target audience.

  • If you are selling women’s shoes, you might want to research the past purchases and interests of women in different age ranges and demographics to find purchase correlations you can leverage for future campaigns.
  • If you discover that men between the ages of 45-54 who purchased golf clubs also purchased cigars then you can expand your audience by targeting both cigar buyers and golf club buyers.

Returning Advertisers

If you are a returning advertiser, you can analyze your own pixel, campaign or even your CRM data. For instance, you can upload your pixel IDs into the DataX tool to understand how your target market behaves on Yahoo.

This allows you to explore other behaviors of your audiences’ such as purchases, searches, travel and to optimize or create new campaigns with these insights.