Native DPA Campaigns With No Re-directs


Describes how to enable Enhanced Attribution for Yahoo Native Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) campaigns where there are no re-directs.


Enabling Enhanced Attribution involves turning on the feature in the platform as well as ensuring a JavaScript Dot Tag is implemented on the client website.

Here is a quick checklist to make sure this applies to your Native DPA campaign:

  • You’re running in the Yahoo Native platform.

  • You’re using a Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) campaign setup.

  • You’re delivering traffic directly to your landing page. There are no Impression Tracking urls in the tracking template and the tracking template is to the landing page domain.

In the Native UI

Follow these steps to enable enhanced attribution in the Native UI:

  1. In your Yahoo Native ad campaign, click the gear icon in the top right of the UI and click the Account Settings menu item.

account settings
  1. Click Turn on auto-tagging and Save.

auto tagging on

This automatically appends the Yahoo Click ID macro (vcmid) to the destination url for the Dot Tag pixel to pick up.

Based on your specific setup, you’ll need to ensure that the Click ID is being passed through correctly. Refer to the documentation guides based on your specific tagging structure.

Add the Click ID to the DPA Tracking Template

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Yahoo Native platform, navigate to the specific DPA campaign(s) and then down to the Manage Ads level.

  2. On the left rail under the Build cards for the product section, scroll down to the Tracking Template section.

In this example, the original tracking template code looks like this:

  1. Append the vmcid parameter to the {link} macro - which actually expands to the product URL from the product feed.

Add the ?vmcid=${CC} element into the url as shown below.


In DPA, this comes first as opposed to appending at the end in a regular Yahoo Native Ad.

  1. Click Save Ad to lock in your changes.

tracking template added