Yahoo Preferred Network Advertiser Guide

Getting started with the Yahoo Preferred Network (Native) ad platform is easy and fast. You’ll find everything you need to create your first ads and ad campaigns, as well as take advantage of the reporting and targeting tools that are available for Yahoo advertisers.

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Once you sign up with an account manager, you’ll be off and running with your first ad campaigns, navigating the powerful features of the Yahoo Native UI and maximizing the return on your ad and campaign investments.

Value Proposition

Every month, more than one billion people visit Yahoo properties to search, read the news, check email, sports scores, stock quotes and more. Your customers are out there. Yahoo Native ads put you right there in front of them - in the right way at the right time.

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Yahoo harnesses the powers of native advertising into one unified, self-serve solution. By bringing native ads together, Yahoo lets you manage and optimize your ads in one place. You can drive greater performance through powerful reports and insights, and only pay when you get results.

Family of Brands

Yahoo’s full suite of technology solutions is provided for advertisers, agencies and publishers. The suite activates Yahoo’s trusted data, high-quality inventory, innovative ad experiences and industry-leading programmatic algorithms in a more unified way.

The suite includes Yahoo properties and family of brands.

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Topics to Navigate

The Advertiser Guide provides you with a robust collection of articles and how-to guides, so you can get rapidly up to speed and take advantage of Yahoo Native features and capabilities.

Think of the Virtuous Cycle in advertising by which you learn, adapt, optimize and measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Use the topics in the Advertiser Guide to learn and explore.


Explore the Complete List of Topics to Navigate in the Guide, including topics like these:

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Check out our robust collection of FAQs for Ad basics, Ad & Campaign Creation FAQs, Billing FAQs, Reporting FAQs and other topics of interest.

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