Ad Workshop

Yahoo introduces you to a new series for our community of partners, developers and advertisers: Ad Workshop.

The goal is to provide this community with the latest tools, techniques, and on-demand webinars, as presented by Yahoo product managers, account strategists and managers. You’ll have a chance to learn from experts in the field, participate in online webinars to expand your knowledge and understanding of Yahoo Native features, enhancements and product releases.

The Revolution in Native is clearly the wave of the future for the industry. Yahoo is continuing to innovate with media-rich and advanced native features and formats that offer our community of advertisers a wide range of powerful new options.

native revolution

Topics to Explore in the Workshop


What You’ll Learn

Zen & the Art of Digital Storytelling

Introduces you to techniques for writing ad copy that converts, as explained by an expert in the field, through a downloadable eBook, rich in detail and cool in philosophy.

Understanding the Power of Yahoo Native

How does native advertising work? Why should you take advantage of it in your campaigns? A downloadable eBook provides you with a rich harvest of ideas, stats and approaches.

Transforming the Customer Experience & Journey

Watch this video that takes you on a journey through the customer experience on Native.

Five Innnovative Ad Formats

Explore examples of innovative ad formats on native and discover their potential for engaging with consumers on all paths toward conversion and purchase.