The following are some frequently asked questions about Gemini Search Ads.

What does Yahoo Gemini mean to Microsoft and the Yahoo Bing Network?

Microsoft is an important partner for Yahoo. We continue to work closely with Microsoft as part of our Search Alliance. Our search partnership with Microsoft is non-exclusive. Yahoo is offering Gemini as an additional opportunity for you on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices that is separate from Bing Ads.

What is the difference between the ads I buy on Bing Ads and those I buy on Yahoo Gemini?

Yahoo Gemini is the first ad marketplace to unify search and native advertising with the goal of providing you with the best performance for your campaigns across Yahoo’s search inventory. Currently, the ads you buy in Bing Ads for search may appear in response to queries on Yahoo web properties, including the top position. Yahoo also will show ads from Yahoo Gemini in response to queries on Yahoo web properties. Use of Gemini as the source of ads for Yahoo inventory is expected to increase as the marketplace develops. Native advertising across Yahoo search inventory is only available through Yahoo Gemini.

Should I opt out of search on Bing Ads and just use Yahoo Gemini?

No. We recommend that you use both Yahoo Gemini and Bing Ads. Microsoft is an important partner for Yahoo, and we work closely together as part of our Search Alliance.

Will the top sponsored position in search results on Yahoo web always be from Bing?

No. For many queries, we expect in the future that ads from the Yahoo Gemini Marketplace will serve in the top sponsored position. If you want to appear in native placements, however, you must bid in the Yahoo Gemini marketplace.

Why should I participate sooner rather than later?

As with all search marketplaces, the ranking of your ad is based on a combination of bid price, click performance, and relevance. The sooner you participate in Yahoo Gemini, the sooner the system can begin to build a performance history for your ad, so that your ad can earn better ranking and start getting you the clicks it deserves. As traffic ramps, your ad is then in the best position for cost effective delivery and performance.

Can I buy Search and Native separately?

Yes, however, to take full advantage of the benefits of Yahoo Gemini it is recommended to have a combined search and native account. Since Yahoo Gemini allows for the seamless buying of impactful, native units in large graphical formats, it’s easy to let the same bid you have for search extend to native units. We encourage you to bid rationally based on your business objectives in order to see the most benefit from both search and native elements.

If you’re buying process or other factors require buying search and native in Yahoo Gemini separately, the option is available to have a search only or native only account.

What percentage of Yahoo mobile search ads will be served by Yahoo Gemini?

Yahoo Gemini is focused on providing greater impact and performance for advertisers across Yahoo’s mobile inventory. While we cannot provide a specific percentage, use of Gemini as the source of ads for Yahoo mobile inventory is expected to increase as the marketplace develops. Native advertising across Yahoo mobile inventory is only available through Yahoo Gemini.

How Do I Set the Right Price to Boost my ROI?

In the Reporting tab, we make it easy to monitor how you’re doing, and see areas of opportunity to boost your ROI:

  • See performance at the ad, campaign and account level

  • Schedule and export reports

  • Use the performance trends graph to easily compare two metrics

  • Adjust bids to capture more traffic

  • Use our Bid Estimations tool to understand how your bid may influence the amount of clicks and impressions your ads receive on a daily basis. In the Max Bid column in your campaign grid, click the bar icon.

What Happens If I Opt into a New Ad Distribution Channel?

When you opt into a new ad distribution channel, there may be a situation where your ad will be missing additional information needed for that new channel. If so, Gemini will make the following edits for you:

  • If the Display URL is missing and Sponsored By exists, we will use Sponsored By in place of Display URL.

  • If Sponsored By is missing and the Display URL exists, we will truncate the Display URL to the root domain and use that in place of Sponsored By.

How Do I Add a User?

You can add users to your account from the Manage users page.

To add a user:

  1. From Yahoo Gemini, click the settings icon in the top-right corner.

  2. From the dropdown list, select Manage users.

  3. Click New user.

  4. In the Add new user dialog, enter your Yahoo ID and your Contact email.

  5. Click the Role dropdown menu. Select one of the following available user roles:

  • Admin: can do everything, including creating new users

  • Campaign manager: read/write privileges for ads and campaigns

  • Analyst: view only and reporting privileges

  1. Click Save. The user is added to the list.

How Can I Avoid Phishing?

Phishing is a scam that is designed to collect user credentials and account information. Cybercriminals create malicious software, websites, or email messages designed to get a user to enter their secure information.

Protect yourself and your account information by always doing the following:

  • Log into your account using only the secure URL that was provided to you when you opened your account, or other saved, validated URL.

  • Log in only using the secure login.

  • Look for the “https” and the closed padlock symbol at the end of the address bar of the URL you are accessing. This indicates that you are engaging in a secure web interaction.

  • Do not use a link from a suspicious email message. Never log into your account from a link in a random email or from a search result.

  • Guard your login credentials and do not provide them in response to any email inquiries, no matter how official or legitimate the email may appear.

  • Consider changing your password regularly and have a designated password for your Native Ads account only.

  • Make sure all old or inactive accounts used by former employees are disabled.

  • If you ever believe that your account has been compromised, immediately change your password and report any suspicious activity.