The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about how to manage your Verizon Media ad campaigns.

How do I setup and manage my Native Ads?

Sign in to the Verizon Media Ad Platform for Native with your Yahoo ID or create a new one. Once you’re in you can easily:

  • Manage campaigns: edit your creative, adjust your budget, change start/end dates and more.

  • Track performance: see how your campaigns are performing so you can optimize on the fly to improve performance.

  • Create more campaigns: easily add multiple campaigns you already have using our bulk upload feature.

How many campaigns/ad creatives can I run in one account?

We recommend that you have fewer than 100 active ad creatives. However, we do not apply an ad creative limit.

Is the Verizon Media Native Ads platform compatible with all web browsers?

Supported web browsers are Internet Explorer 9 (and above), Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

How do I provide feedback or report technical issues?

In the Verizon Media Native Ads platform, you’ll find a Feedback button. We encourage you to submit any technical issues or feature requests. We actively monitor all the feedback we receive. You may also reach out directly to your Yahoo account representative.

Can I have separate accounts for different lines of business?

Yes. You can have multiple Verizon Media Native Ads accounts associated with the same Yahoo ID. You’ll be able to switch between your accounts from the campaign dashboard of either account.

Can I get multiple credentials for the same account?

Yes. In the Manage users tab, which you can access from the gear icon in the top right, you can create new users for your account and assign the appropriate level of administrative privileges to them. You’ll also be able to edit current users on your account.

How do I target the language of my campaigns?

Language targeting is available during campaign creation. You can select from one of the following languages to target users who can understand that language. It is set to one of these languages by default. Depending on the language selection:

  • Your Native Ads may show up on sites that are in a language matching the language selection

  • We require that all ads created in a campaign are written in the language matching the campaign. The language that your ad is written in must match the campaign’s language targeting setting.

Can I budget per day or per campaign?

Daily budget is the default option for new campaigns. You may change to a Lifetime budget. Please note that if daily budget is set to lifetime, we don’t display daily budget information. Instead, only “budget spent” information is shown.

How do I increase my budget?

You can manage your budget at the campaign level, or your overall budget in the Billing tab.

Why are my ads on hold?

Please allow up to 24 hours for our Editorial team to review your ads. We’ll let you know if we run into any issues which may prevent your ads from appearing on Verizon Media properties.

What position in the news native will Yahoo Native Ads be eligible to appear?

Verizon Media Native Ads will appear in the third slot, and then will appear in every thirteenth slot thereafter at launch. Positions within the native may change over time. Your position is determined by a number of factors including your bid and your CTR (click through rate).

Can I buy individual pages (like Yahoo.com) or a specific location in the native or a specific screen (like mobile only)?

You cannot buy particular pages, locations or specific screens.

How fast will campaigns go live once everything is setup?

Allow 1 hour for the ad to be eligible to be served.

What do I do if an Ad is Rejected or On Hold?

Verizon Media has policies and restrictions for ads that appear on Verizon Media sites. These policies aim to make users feel safe and comfortable. Think of these as house rules.

Sometimes ads are rejected if they do not comply with Verizon Media’s policies, or on hold if they are potentially out of compliance. An ad may be on hold temporarily if it is under review.

  • Rejected: Ad was declined for policy violations. Click the ad to learn more. Once you correct the issue, you can resubmit your ad.

  • On hold: Ad is being reviewed by the editorial team. Yahoo reviews ads as quickly and efficiently as possible and strives to minimize wait times for advertisers. This means that sometimes ads serve briefly before going into review.

If your ad is not rejected or on hold, you may not be seeing your ad for these additional reasons:

  • Valid payment method: There must be a valid payment method on file before any of your ads can be displayed.

  • Active status: Your campaign and keywords must be active for your ads to run.

How do Expanded Text Ads work with Native Account Sync?

Native Account sync will pull in both standard text ads and expanded text ads. Note that in Google Ads, each ad can have one ad type (i.e., standard text ad or expanded text ad). For more information, refer to Native Account Sync.

Does Native support both Standard Text Ads and Expanded Text Ads, or will support for Standard Text Ads be deprecated? If so, when?

Native provides support for both Standard Text Ads and Expanded Text Ads. For the search supply channel, it’s highly recommended that you leverage the second line of the Ad title for your ads to drive better clickthroughs to your landing pages. For the native supply channel, Native will continue displaying the first line of title. When you add the 2nd line of the Ad title in Native, be aware that expanded text ads have a 30 character limit (instead of 50 characters) for the first line of the Ad title.

Do I need to manually enter the display URL?

Yes. In Expanded Text Ads, you still need to manually enter the display URL. The display URL will not be automatically extracted from the final URL. However, if your campaigns are imported through AdWords Sync, Native will automatically generate a display URL using the domain name from one of your AdWords desktop final URLs.

How does Expanded Text Ads work with the Native campaign type?

Only title 1 is displayed when your ads are served on native supply. Both title 1 & 2 are displayed when you ads are served on search supply. If you don’t provide title 2, the Native platform will algorithmically generate title 2 from one of the sentences from ad description or display domain name when your ads are served.

What actions should I take when working with expanded text ads?

To take advantage of the larger ad format, be sure to update your ad creative to two lines of 30 character titles. Alternatively, you can import your Google Ads campaigns using Account Sync or bulk.

Will an upgraded URL for expanded text ads be supported?

Native provides support for an upgraded URL when you use Google Ads Account Sync. We don’t require an upgraded URL when you manage ads in Native. You can still fill out the display URL and landing URL fields manually.