How We Bill You – Post Pay

Post Pay is a new payment type for Native Ad Platform advertisers that makes it easier for you to process and handle your accounts and ad spends.

You simply pay as you go, without having to pay charges upfront in your account. Your credit card is charged after you have accrued ad spends in Yahoo Native.

When you hit a specific threshold for your ad spends, your account will be charged and bumped up to the next spend threshold. For example, once you pay $250, you’ll be bumped up to $500 for your new threshold and so on.

If you’re a new Yahoo Native advertiser, you’ll be automatically enrolled in Post Pay. For pre-pay accounts, you’ll be able to switch to the new Post Pay payment type. Some countries do not yet support this new payment type and only have pre-pay as an option. See the list of countries that do support Post Pay in the billing FAQs.

Key Benefits

As a current or existing Yahoo wNative advertiser, you’ll find that Post Pay provides you with a number of important advantages:

  • If you’re an advertiser with a campaign that is extended or long-running, you’ll be able to keep your accounts current, instead of having them go offline due to lack of funds.

  • You won’t have to do any guesswork to estimate the amount of one-time funds to add to your campaigns.

  • Your ad spend won’t be parked in your account if it is not being used.


The first charge threshold in Post Pay for Online Serve (OLS) advertisers has changed from $25 to $10. When you sign up for an OLS account, your card will be charged for the first time after $10 of spend has occurred. The threshold promotion afterward remains the same, that is, $10, $25, $50…$750.


Any existing prepaid funds will automatically carry over to the Post Pay system as a credit and the credit amount will be used first for ad spend, before Post Pay charges are incurred.

Set up Your Payment Method

If you’re an existing customer who hasn’t as yet set up your payment method, or if you’re a new Native Ad Platform customer who’s setting up your account for the first time, follow these steps:

Once you’ve created your account and added campaigns, click the Payment Details button.


The Set up payment method dialog appears.

  1. Enter your card number, holder’s name and other required card information.

  2. If you have a promotional credit, enter that number too and click Apply.

  1. Click Submit.

If you’re an existing customer who has already set up a payment method, you’ll see this splash screen, introducing you to Post-Pay, Native Ad Platform’s new billing method.

You have the option of clicking Switch now or Later.


If you click Later, you can perform all the tasks you need to accomplish for managing your campaigns.

In the upper right corner of the banner on the page, you’ll see the Switch now button, which you can click at your convenience when you wish to switch to the Post-Pay option.

  1. If you click Switch now, you’ll land on this page, which lets you choose your payment method, either credit card or debit card. You can add a new payment method, as well.

switch payment method success
  1. You can choose a different credit card or debit card from the drop-down menu. If you have a promotional credit, that will also appear.

  2. Click Add new payment method.

  3. Click Submit.

This takes you to the setup payment method dialog.

payment setup

Fill in the information required on the form.

  1. Click Save.

The Billing information page appears. You can now edit your billing information.

If only one payment card is selected as Primary, you won’t be able to remove it.

Note that if the selected card has expired, then the Set as Primary action is not available.

You’ll see more detailed billing information about a specific transaction on a separate page.

Now you’re ready to make a payment.

make payment

You can specify the amount, as well as add any VAT tax. You don’t compute the VAT tax. It’s calculated by the payment systems based on the region.

make payment
  1. Click Submit.