Make Bulk Changes Directly in UI

The Native UI has been enhanced, so that you can now make bulk edits and changes directly across multiple campaigns in the UI. This is particularly useful for advertisers who are not using bulksheet uploads and downloads as their primary method to modify campaign settings.

By making bulk changes directly in the UI, you’ll save valuable time with this new workflow and optimize the performance of your campaigns.

In campaigns, you can take advantage of these new features:

  • Edit campaign names - find & replace, prepend & append strings

  • Edit age targeting

  • Edit gender targeting

How It Works

  1. You’ll see these new icons that represent each action that you wish to take to edit your campaigns.

icons toolbar
  1. You’ll also see Clone is now directly available in the toolbar. Text appears next to the icons when you select campaigns.

clone toolbar

On the server side:

  1. Click the top checkbox to select everything beyond what appears onscreen:

server side selections

You can now view the progress of your bulk edits and changes to your campaigns.

  1. A progress update appears in the bottom drawer, indicating that your bulk changes are being processed.

processing bulk changes

bulk progress
  1. If there are errors, a summary of results appears:

bulk errors
  1. Click View errors for a report and an explanation of the errors, which appears in the right drawer:

error report
  1. If you click the Error reason (shown above), you’ll see a list of campaigns, which have failed. You can then traverse the list for further details and determine what actions to take to correct them.

error listing report

New Workflow

If you’re using Ad extensions or Negative keyword lists, here is the new workflow.

  1. Begin by navigating to the Shared library dropdown menu in your campaigns:

shared library dropdown

You’ll see the addition of these options:

  • Ad extensions

  • Negative keyword lists

  1. Select either Negative keyword lists or Ad extensions.

  2. Click the Actions dropdown and choose Apply to campaigns, if you choose Negative keyword lists:

negative keyword lists
  1. If you choose Ad extensions:

ad extensions