Bulk Fields & Object Types

You can download a sample bulk file by clicking here.

Object Types & Available Actions

These are the object types and actions available for your bulk files.

Object Type



Create and manage ads.

Ad Assets

Create and manage ad assets.

Ad Group

Create and manage ad groups.

Ad Schedule

Set a schedule for your search ads to serve on specific days and times of the week.


Create and manage campaigns.

Custom Audience

Create and manage custom audiences at both campaign and ad group levels.

Segment 3P Target

Create and manage 3rd party interest segment targets.

Age Target

Create age targets for native campaigns set at the campaign level.

Connection Target

Create connection targets for video ads at the campaign or ad group level.

Device Target

Create and manage device targets primarily for search campaigns.

Site [Group] X Device Target

Create and manage site [group] x device targets primarily for native campaigns.

Site Block

Create and manage site block targets for native campaigns.

Gender Target

Create and manage gender targets for native campaigns set at campaign level.

Segment Interest Target

Create and manage segment interest targets for native campaigns set at both the campaign and ad group levels.

Location Target

Create and manage location targets, which can be set at both campaign and ad group levels.

OS Version Target

Create and manage OS Version targets for install app native campaigns.


Create and manage keywords.

Shared Set

Create and manage shared sets.

Shared Sitelink

Create and manage shared sitelinks.

Shared Sitelink Setting

Create and manage shared sitelink settings.

Shared Negative Keyword

Create and manage shared negative keywords.

Campaign Shared Set

Create and manage campaigns shared sets at the campaign level.

Supply Group Target

Create and manage supply group targets for native campaigns.

Product Set

Create and manage product set filters for native DPA campaigns.

Product Set Target

Create and manage product set funnels for native DPA campaigns.


You are not required to use all of the object types. For example, if you’re running a native-only campaign, you won’t be using keywords or sitelink extensions. If you don’t want to target your campaign to a specific gender, you won’t be using a gender target object. If the Object Type is blank for a row, that row will be marked as an Error row.


If you are working with bid modifiers, param1 and destination URL fields in bulk, you need to enter DELETE_VALUE in those fields to clear them out when you’re updating object values, rather than leaving the fields blank. If left blank, Yahoo Native will ignore them.