Clone Enhancements For Campaign & Ad Group Entities

Yahoo Native now provides you with new enhancements and features for cloning your campaign and adgroup entities.

In the Yahoo Native UI, you can select and manage the entities that you want to clone into a new campaign and adgroup. You can also choose to select active and/or pause entities to clone.

Use cloning to leverage the time and effort spent on creating your ad campaigns to drive more business results and ROI. Cloning enables you to increase volume, both traffic and impressions on new and additional supply from Yahoo, when you replicate your best and most successful assets.

New Enhancements

For selected campaigns:

  1. Select the content you wish to clone, including, for example, Active ad groups, Active ads, Targeting and Keywords.

  2. Specify the account into which you wish to clone. Note that you also have the option to pause new campaigns after cloning.

select campaigns to clone
  1. Click Clone.

For selected ad groups:

Follow the same steps as for cloning campaigns.

select adgroups to clone

Use Cross Account Cloning

Cross-account cloning has been extended to ad groups as well. You can select an account and then the campaign within which to create a new cloned ad group.

Account and campaign selection has been modified to list the accounts and campaigns.

select campaigns to clone

In the Account field, you can click the dropdown to get a list of selected accounts.

In the Campaign field, you can click the dropdown for a list of selected campaigns.


You can also use Search to quickly shortlist the accounts and campaigns in your list.

select campaigns to clone

select campaigns to clone

Support For Cloning a Larger Number of Entities

Yahoo Native has been enhanced to support a larger number of entities that can be cloned. Previously, this was restricted to no more than 30 campaigns. Now you can clone up to 3000 campaigns at one time.

A Clone Complete Alert Message

An alert message is shown on the top bar as well as in the bell on the top right corner, enabling you to view the number of components that have been cloned in each entity.

select campaigns to clone

Learn More

For more information on how to work with cloning, refer to How To Clone Campaigns, Ad Groups & Ads .