How To Clone Campaigns, Ad Groups & Ads

Use Cloning to replicate your ads, campaigns and ad groups across multiple locations in the Yahoo Native UI, with minimal effort and a few simple mouse or keyboard clicks.

Cloning lets you take advantage of your most successful ad assets, ad groups and campaigns by enabling you to create similar ones for use with different settings.

Once you select the ad groups that you wish to clone, for example, you can simply select the Clone option in the Native Actions dropdown menu.

clone menu selected

Value Proposition

Use Cloning to leverage the time and effort spent on creating your Yahoo Native campaigns to drive more business results and ROI. You can increase volume, both traffic and impressions on new and additional supply from Yahoo, when you replicate your best and most successful assets.

How It Works

Follow these steps to clone your ad groups. The steps are similar as well for cloning your campaigns and keywords.

Begin by identifying the ad groups you wish to clone in Ad groups.

  1. Select the ones to clone from the list in Ad groups.

select campaigns to clone
  1. Once you’ve decided, click Clone from the Actions dropdown menu.

  2. In the Clone ad groups panel, you have a number of options for Basic settings and for Account and Campaign to which you may wish to clone to:

clone panel

You can also pause new ad groups once you’ve cloned them.

  1. Click Clone.

Native is now processing in the background the ad groups that you’ve selected to clone.

  1. Now click the text link in the bottom-right corner of the drawer to view the cloned campaign. In this example, the text link shown is: View 1 cloned Campaign.

In the Ad groups tab, Native provides you with reporting on the ad groups & campaigns that you’ve cloned.