Get Started - Latest Videos

If you’re a new advertiser coming to the Yahoo Native ad platform and wish to get rapidly up to speed with the process of building ad campaigns, ad groups and report generation, and more, you’ll want to view this video series.


Video Series

Brian Hedrick, a Yahoo Product Manager, walks you through the process in the Ad Platform user interface, building an ad campaign from scratch that features ads for a Specialized Mountain Bike Shop in Los Angeles. The steps are straightforward and easy to follow.

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What You Learn

1 - Create an Ad Campaign

This first video in the series walks you through the steps on how to create an ad campaign in the Ad Platform user interface.

2 - Build an Ad Group

The second video picks up on the workflow from the first video and explains how to build and set up ad groups in your Yahoo ad campaign.

3 - Generate Reports

The third video describes how to generate reports for your Yahoo ad campaigns.

4 - Create Sponsored Mail Ads

The fourth video describes how to create sponsored mail ads for your Yahoo ad campaigns.

5 - Best Practices for Using Native Ad Formats

The fifth video describes essential best practices for using native ad formats in your Verrizon Media ad campaigns.

6 - Zen & the Art of Digital Storytelling

The sixth video describes how to write compelling and effective ad copy for your Verrizon Media ad campaigns.