1 - Create an Ad Campaign

Creating your first ad campaign on Yahoo properties is straightforward and easy. You’ll get rapidly up to speed in less than a few minutes. Once you define your campaign objective in the Yahoo Native user interface, you’ll be off and running as you add images, text and videos.

campaign objectives

How To Create an Ad Campaign - Video

To learn how you can create and build a Yahoo Native ad campaign, check out this video. It explains the workflow for video campaign creation, as Brian Hedrick, a Yahoo Product Manager, walks you through the steps you need to follow.

Time: 7:27 min


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Learn More

To successfully create and manage your ad campaigns, explore these topics.



How to create new campaigns

Describes how to choose a campaign goal when creating a new ad campaign.

How to manage your campaigns

Explains how to manage and optimize your campaigns, go live or pause your campaigns, and filter lists of your campaigns.

How to create your first ad

Describes where your ads run, how to create and manage your ads, as well as deleting ads.

How to preview your ad on Yahoo properties

Explains how to preview your ads.

Drive traffic to your website

Discusses the tools and resources you need to drive traffic to your website with your ads and campaigns.

Raise brand awareness

Describes the ad types and required assets you need to raise brand awareness for your ad campaigns.

Drive app installs on mobile

Explains the delivery of app install ads and the required assets.


Lists some of the most frequently asked questions about campaign and ad group creation.

Next - How To Build Ad Groups - Video

Once you’ve walked through the steps illustrated in this first video, you can move on to 2 - Build an Ad Group, which extends the workflow of campaign creation.