2. Build Ad Groups

Once you create a new Yahoo Native ad campaign, you’ll also need to create an initial ad group.

Ad groups are groupings of ads and related keywords that you can set up to test different design elements or bidding strategies. You can apply a default ad group bid to all keywords in an ad group or set custom bids for individual keywords.

Use ad groups to drive traffic to your website and to raise brand awareness.

How To Build Ad Groups - Video

To learn how you can build and set up an ad group for your Yahoo ad campaign, check out this video. It extends the workflow from the first video on campaign creation, as Brian Hedrick, a Yahoo Product Manager, walks you through the steps you need to follow.

Time: 4:46 min


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To successfully create and manage your ad groups, explore these topics.



How to create ad groups

Describes how to test and design campaign elements, how to test bidding strategies and how to use ad groups to drive website traffic and raise brand awareness.

Manage ad groups

Describes how to edit, enable and delete ad groups.

Ad Groups to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Describes the tools and resources you need to drive traffic to your website with your ads and campaigns.

Create Ad Groups to Raise Brand Awareness

Describes the ad types and required assets you need to raise brand awareness for your ad campaigns.


Discusses some of the most frequently asked questions when working with ad groups.

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