3. Generate Reports

Reporting lets you track key metrics required to manage and optimize your campaigns, so you can track

  • impressions

  • clicks

  • conversions

  • click-through rates

  • ad spend, as well as other metrics specific to your campaign’s marketing objectives.

You can break down this information by various campaign levels (campaign, creative and keyword), by targeting dimensions (such as geo and device), by specific features (ad extensions and product ads), and other attributes associated with your campaigns and creatives.

Yahoo’s Native reporting tools are powerful and easy to use.

reporting types

How To Generate Reports - Video

To learn how you can build and generate reports for your Yahoo ad campaigns, check out this video. It extends the workflow from the first and second videos on campaign creation, as Brian Hedrick, a Yahoo Product Manager, walks you through the steps you need to follow.

Time: 3:31 minutes


If you are watching this video over a network with low-bandwidth – meaning a data transfer speed below 28.63 Mbps – you may need to allow additional time for the video to load before viewing.

Learn More

To successfully build and create reports, explore the topics described in the section on Reporting & Key Metrics.

You can accomplish a wide range of tasks when working with the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) bar in the Ad Platform UI.

customize kpi