4. Create Sponsored Mail Campaigns

Sponsored Mail Ads are a companion to native ads, served exclusively in Yahoo Mail.

Mail Ads work by turning a prominently placed top ad in a user’s inbox into a native ad that the user can read, save or forward, similar to an email message. Mail Ads are an effective ad format, proven to have click-through rates (CTR) as high as 4x averages for the advertising industry.

sponsored mail ad

How To Create a Sponsored Mail Campaign - Video

To learn how you can create sponsored mail campaigns, check out this video. Jaycie Bilek, a Senior Native Account Strategist, walks you through the creation workflow, describing the steps you need to follow once you create Open my mail ad as your campaign objective.

Time: 5:12 minutes


If you are watching this video over a network with low-bandwidth – meaning a data transfer speed below 28.63 Mbps – you may need to allow additional time for the video to load before viewing.

Learn More

To understand how sponsored mail ads work in Yahoo Mail campaigns, as shown in the example below, explore the section in Choose your ad format on Mail Ads. For a deeper dive, see the Yahoo Developer Documentation which outlines How to Create Mail Ads.