5. Best Practices For Using Native Ad Formats

Yahoo Native Ads let you combine various brand assets in your Yahoo ad campaigns to produce rich, compelling ad experiences, and display them alongside content. With native ads, you can use video, images and animated graphics for vivid, personal and emotional brand storytelling across desktop, mobile and tablet.

In this video webinar, presented by Yahoo account strategists, you’ll dive deep and learn specific best practices for using different native ad formats and choosing the ones that deliver best results for your campaigns.

Time: 30:51 minutes


If you’re watching this video over a network with low-bandwidth – meaning a data transfer speed below 28.63 Mbps – you may need to allow extra time for the video to load before viewing.

Topics include

  • The most effective goal for your objective – from awareness to traffic to conversions

  • Actionable best practices to drive performance out of over 10 different native ad formats

  • How to leverage your own use cases to choose which formats will best deliver

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