Use Countdown Timer For Flash Sales To Increase CTR on Native Ads

Yahoo Native provides you with a new Countdown Timer for flash ad sales. The Countdown Timer lets you increase CTR for native ads by enabling users to take quick and decisive action to purchase your product before a sale ends.

Using the Countdown Timer, which serves as a rectangular overlay on your mobile, desktop or pencil ad, you’ll create a sense of urgency for consumers who wish to purchase your product.

In the Yahoo Native UI, you can set a date and time, using a {time} macro that specifies the countdown end time when your ad will expire.

mobile countdown timer

Value Proposition

Making simple manual changes in your Ad title and description text will produce dramatic CTR results with flash sales.

For example:

If your text reads:

Hurry, this deal expired in 6 hours, (5 hours), (4 hours)

The result can be a 2x increase in CTR.

How It Works

Follow these steps in the Native UI:

  1. Once you’ve created your ad campaign and ad group, filling in the details for each required field, navigate to the Ads & keywords panel.

  2. In the Enter text and links panel, enter text for your Ad title and Ad description, and add the Tag for the {time} macro you wish to use for your Countdown Timer.

text ad time macro


Title macros support the following campaign objectives: Visit my website, Know my brand, Download my app App, Re-engage my app, Sponsored Mail and Promote my products. All price types are also supported.

  1. Use any of the following variations in the Ad title:

  • Expires in {time}

  • {time} to go…

  • Ends in {time}

The time macro will apply to all formats: Single image, Video and Carousel.

  1. On the Ad, overlay the timestamp, shown in the table below.









The Ad will not be served after the deal expires. If the Ad is in view and expires, the Ad will collapse with the message stating that the Ad has expired.

In the Yahoo Native UI, you’ll need to set the countdown end time.

  1. Navigate to the Add a countdown timer button, which you can enable to set the countdown end time and date.

mobile countdown timer

Use this format to enter the date, countdown end time and the timezone: yyyy/mm/dd HH:mm:ss Timezone.

If you don’t provide that information, Native will default to your timezone.

Add a Countdown Prefix

If you wish to specify when your countdown begins, ends or expires, you can choose from the available prefix options in the UI, as shown below.

countdown prefix

The options include:

  • Ends in

  • Starts in

  • Sale starts in

  • Sale ends in

  • Expires in

  • Deal ends in

  • Offer ends in

  • Time left

  • Deadline in

  • Premieres in

  • Launches in

The prefix is useful when you wish to create a sense of urgency for your particular event, sale or deadline. For example: Show airs in: 1 day: 10 hrs: 17 m: 24 s.

Or, to take another example, a Tax deadline in: 10 hrs: 17 m: 12 s.

prefix flash sale ads