Create Native Ads with Video

Yahoo Native ads with video look and feel like natural content and display among content that’s relevant to your target audience. Native ads behave consistently with the native user experience and function just like natural content.

video center stage

Native Video Ad Experience

Yahoo Native prioritizes a video experience that doesn’t interrupt the user with advertising. There is a greater opportunity to blend in to the experience and provide value through blended content.

Native video serves across desktop and mobile apps. The impression volume is about 140M impressions per day. You can optionally set up your campaign to play videos across international properties. Videos autoplay whenever possible and default to being on mute. Generally, users click a video to expand the view and turn on the sound.

Technical Requirements

To run a native video campaign, your video assets must meet the following requirements:

  • Formats: .mp4 .m4v or .mov

  • File Size: 1GB maximum

  • Duration: 5 seconds minimum, 30 seconds maximum for App Install campaigns, 5 minutes maximum for Promote Brand campaigns

  • Aspect Ratio: Minimum 480x360p (4:3) or 480x270 (16:9). Recommended 640x480 (4:3) or 640x360 (16:9)

  • Video Bitrate: 300kbps. Recommended 500kbps.

  • Audio Quality: If the video has audio, then it must have 2 channel stereo and minimum 32kbps. Recommended 64kbps.


For native video, you need both a 1200X627 and a 627X627 image, along with the video.

Images are required for mobile ads end cards and for display ads. That’s because these show on your ad when the video is not playing.


Video is available for app install ads, brand video ads and direct response ads. For app install ads, video is priced on a CPCV. For brand video, Native offers CPV pricing where the view is defined as a 3-second view, and for direct response ads Native offers CPC pricing.

Best Practices

To run a successful video campaign, keep in mind the following best practices:

  • Start with high-quality video.

  • Pay particular attention to the critical first three seconds of the video. That’s when you capture the attention of your target audience.

  • Produce several versions of a video and test them to see which one performs the best.

  • Set up mobile-friendly landing pages with high-quality images.

  • Keep up with current trending topics that are important to your target audience, to ensure that your ad is relevant.

  • Use .15 second video ads rather than .30 second ads. Consumers are more likely to fixate on .15 second ads for both desktop and mobile.

15 second native video ads

Examples of Native Brand Videos

Check out these examples that simulate how native video might look on Yahoo:

1. Yahoo Apps, News Digest, Weather, Finance & Sports with Native Video


2. Yahoo Homepage with Native Video Displayed


3, Video End states


4. Video End states-2


Video Campaigns That Work and Don’t Work

Check out these examples of video ad campaigns that work and don’t work.

What Works

  • Title draws audience in, contains relevant information for the user.

  • Video draws users’ attention within the first few seconds of view.


What’s Not Working

  • Title isn’t informative or current, doesn’t fully describe the action intended for the user.

  • Video doesn’t immediately capture users’ attention.


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