Use Conversion Rules for Your Campaigns

If you’ve created conversion rules for your campaigns, you can select one or more of these rules from an entire list available at the advertiser level.

You simply click the Show advanced settings item from the Enter your settings section of the Create new campaign dialog and enter your conversion tracking tag and browse from a list of conversion rules.

Conversion tracking is a great way to determine if your campaign is working and how effective it is. You can then measure and optimize your campaign’s performance.


If you’re not familiar with conversion rules and how to create them, you should read these topics to get started:

Conversion Rule Basics

You create a conversion rule with a name and category, adding a default value and specifying the URL of your conversion web page. You then place a code snippet - a conversion tracking tag - on your website. This code snippet informs you when a user has reached the conversion page or taken an action on your web page.

Use Advanced Settings at the Campaign Level

Follow these steps to take advantage of this Native feature:

  1. In the Choose your campaign objective dialog, click Select for the type of campaign you want, either Visit my website or Know my brand.

  2. Once the Create new campaign dialog appears, complete the information required in the fields for your campaign, like name.

  3. Scroll down the page and in the Enter your settings section, specify the amount for your Campaign budget in USD, per day.

  4. Now select and click the Show advanced settings item.

campaign click advanced-set
  1. A new dialog appears with fields for selecting your Conversion tracking tag and a conversion rule from a list of rules that you’ve created

campaign advanced set dialog
  1. Select or enter your Conversion tracking tag. You can use the Default Conversion Tracking pixel for gemini.

  1. In the Conversion rule field, you can browse from a list of conversion rules you’ve already created and Add those rules to your campaign. You can only add existing rules, but not create new ones.



If no rules are selected, your campaign will report and optimize against all rules. If some rules are selected, the campaign will report and optimize against the selection.

Once you’ve completed this, click Start campaign at the bottom of the page.