Use Deep Linking To Drive Mobile Traffic Across Multiple Campaign Objectives

Yahoo Native provides you with the option to use deep linking to drive traffic and improve performance for your mobile ad or DPA campaigns. With a few simple clicks in the Native UI, you can enable deep linking.

That means, you can point customers to specific links deep on your website, below the main page hierarchy, targeting your product or people who have already installed your mobile app, either on iOS or Android.

Use deep linking for these campaign objectives:

  • Visit my website

  • Engage my app

  • Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

You can also use deep linking for Carousel ads.

Once you turn on deep linking in the UI and enter your destination URL, all the ads in your campaign can take advantage of this option. You can target smartphones and tablet devices, without restriction.

How It Works

For Visit my website campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Manage ads > Campaign details > Campaign settings > Support deep linking.

set campaign deep linking
  1. Click the checkbox for Support deep linking.

Clicking this checkbox means you’ve confirmed that your destination URL is also a mobile deep link. Mobile users can now open your app if they have it installed.

  1. Navigate to Ads and keywords > Ad details > Destination URL

destination url

Note that once you enable deep linking, the tile builder is no longer available. Only the universal link type is supported.

  1. Once you’ve saved your settings, click Launch campaign.

  2. In the Adgroup details panel, ensure that you click the checkboxes for Smartphone and Tablet.

define devices
  1. In the Ads and keywords panel, navigate to Deep link and enter your deep link URL in the field below.

For app engage campaigns, this provides you with support for your app URL and Universal link, in addition to deferred link types.

  1. Click Launch campaign.

For DPA campaigns:

  1. In Campaign settings > Support deep linking, check the box.

dpa deep linking

This option provides support for the Universal link type for DPA. The link entry takes you to the product feed page in the shared library > product catalog.

  1. Click Save campaign details and continue.

For Carousel ads:

  1. Navigate to Ads and keywords > Destination URL.

  2. Enter your deep link URL in the field below.

carousel ad deep linking


Each of your carousel cards can have a different deep link URL.

  1. Click Save ad.

Learn More

If you’re working with the programmatic Native Ad Platform API, you’ll find a new campaign field called isDeepLink added to the Campaign object, which you can use for deep linking to target your product or people who have already installed your mobile app. For more information, see Campaign.