Use Sub-Accounts To Set Monthly or Total Budgets

Yahoo Native provides you with a new feature extension that enables you to set monthly or total budgets for sub-accounts: sub-account budgeting.

With this feature, advertisers with a multi-level account structure can implement budget caps for Yahoo Native sub-accounts easily, with a few simple clicks in the Native UI.

Sub-account budgeting provides you with greater campaign budget flexibility, as you can cap sub-account spend without limiting the sum of your campaign budgets.


This capability applies only to sub-accounts, not to main accounts for Native ad campaigns.

How It Works

You can use sub-accounts to set monthly or total budgets. Both newly created sub-accounts and existing sub-accounts can implement budget caps.

If you’re a reseller or small agency and you use a multi-level account structure for other reasons, you’ll have additional controls for your campaign budgets.

With sub-accounts, you can add budget caps as part of the sub-account creation flow, as shown below:

create account budget cap

Or, if you wish, as a managed account, you can select the sub-account(s) and choose Edit budget cap in the Actions dropdown on a reseller account page.

edit budget cap

Some Limitations & Best Practices

Note the following limitations:

  • The minimum sub-account budget is $5.

  • Budget caps take effect the day after they are set. Since only currently effective budget caps are displayed, your budget cap will not display immediately after it is created.

  • Changes in budget amounts take effect the same day. Changes in budget types (for example, between monthly and lifetime) take effect the next day.

  • Lifetime budget caps have the start date of when they are created but no end date. Your sub-account will stop spending when you hit the cap unless you go in and raise it, so be careful about this budget type.