Use New Bid Landscape Tool to Forecast & Recommend Keyword Bids

Yahoo Native provides you with a powerful, easy-to-use forecasting and bid landscape tool that lets you view recommended bids for your keywords in the Native UI.

The tool is unbelievably simple to use, taking the guesswork out of adding keyword recommendations. Based on your campaign settings and the creative performance of your ads, the tool displays a winning bid recommendation, as well as forecasting the number of impressions and volume of clicks.

How It Works

You click a small graph icon next to the bid input field on the Keywords page and it displays a chart with the estimated number of clicks for an increasing amount of dollar spend per bid.

keyword bid ui

In the tool UI, you see the data for the recommended bid (identified by the orange dot) and the current bid, along with additional information about the bid, i.e., number of clicks and ad spend.


You select the bid you want and click Apply. That becomes the new bid for the selected keyword.


By viewing clicks that forecast your ad spend for upcoming time periods, you can analyze and track the impact of each bid change on keyword performance. No more guesswork when dealing with keyword recommendations.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use tool accessible from the Native UI on the Keywords page when click the icon next to the field in the CPC column. You spend less time testing your bidding strategies, and more time maximizing your campaign performance, with improved impression forecasts and click volume.

  • Uses 5 different prediction models, based on machine learning, to make a forecast for the upcoming 30 days of ad volume. The models for bid landscape and forecast are built on a rolling 30 days of data in the marketplace.

  • Bid recommendations based on what it would take to achieve the average position of a 1.5 base on a bid landscape generated for a particular targeting setting (device, geo, or audience) and matching type.

Get Started

Follow these steps to take advantage of this new tool:

  1. Select Manage ads > Campaigns, then the Keyword tab for your campaigns.

  1. Navigate to the New keyword panel and select one of your campaigns where you’ve already specified Keyword value, Campaign name, Ad group name, Keyword status, CPC and other fields.

  1. Click the line graph icon next to the dollar amount in the CPC column for that campaign.

  1. In the Bid recommendations tool, you can view the current bid based on the last 30 days and adjust bid by moving the grey dot in the Clicks graph.



The data you see is the recommended bid (indicated by the orange dot) and the current bid, which may not necessarily always appear – only if you have already set some bid (indicated by the grey dot) – along with some additional information about that bid, including clicks and spend.

  1. When you are satisfied with the bid, click Apply at the bottom of the panel. This will become the new bid for your selected keyword.