Alerts For Keywords Without Ads

Yahoo Native provides Yahoo advertisers with new alert notifications for keywords that are without ads.

How It Works

If you’re a Yahoo Native advertiser, you’ll be notified if you have keywords without ads, which will limit your volume because your keywords won’t be connected to your campaigns or ad groups.

You’ll be notified via the Yahoo Native UI and the Notification Center. In addition, you’ll be able to download a report from the Notification Center and/or the bottom drawer.

If your keywords are without ads, you’ll be notified when you log into the Native UI.

header notification

Once alerted, you can download a report in the Notification Center.

notification center

Another alert appears in the bottom panel:

bottom drawer notification

Download The Report

If you download the report, you’ll see the following columns, identifying the issue:

  • Keyword ID

  • Keyword Name

  • Campaign ID

  • Campaign Name

  • Campaign Objective

  • Campaign Budget

  • Campaign Budget Type

  • Ad Group ID

  • Ad Group Name