Use Broad Match Modifiers

Broad Match Modifiers (BMM) provide you with more control over how your broad match-enabled keywords may be expanded.

To take advantage of this feature, you specify certain keyword terms that must be part of a user’s query in order for your ad to be served.

You can enable a Broad Match Modifier by utilizing a plus symbol (+) in front of one or more words of a broad match-enabled keyword. This plus symbol indicates which word(s) must be part of the user query in order for an ad to be considered to serve for a query.

Example Broad Match Keyword

An example would be the keyword “+sporty shirts” opted into broad match. Because the “+” is in front of dress, this keyword is only eligible to serve for queries that contain the word “sporty”, like “sporty pants” or “sporty Hawaiian shirts”. However, it won’t be eligible to serve for the query “shirts” as it normally would with broad match.

Native UI, Bulk and API Support

You can add or modify your keywords to enable a Broad Match Modifier within the Native UI, Bulksheet or via the Native API dealing with bulk operations. You would do so utilizing the same keyword fields that are now available.

The preferred way to set up a keyword with Broad Match Modifier is to first ensure that the keyword and the corresponding ad group and campaign are enabled for Broad Match.

Once you’ve done that, you simply place a plus symbol (+) within the actual keyword directly in front of the word(s) that will be required to be in the search query. There must be spaces between the words when the keyword contains multiple words.

For example, the following would be acceptable Broad Match Modifier-enabled keywords:

  • +sporty shirts

  • sporty +shirts

  • +sporty +shirts

  • +sporty +Hawaiian +shirts

The following would not be acceptable Broad Match Modifier-enabled keywords:

    • sporty shirts

  • sporty+shirts

  • +sporty+shirts

  • +sporty+Hawaiian+shirts

Reporting for Broad Match Modifier

Existing keyword reports include data for Broad Match Modifier-enabled keywords. There are no new reports created specifically for Broad Match Modifier.

Note that in exported bulksheets, Native adds a space in front of any keywords that begin with a plus sign (+). This is an industry standard practice and is done so to avoid any issues with spreadsheet formulas, as a plus sign is considered the beginning of a formula.

Use Close Variants

No human is perfect. When a user enters words or phrases into a search query, there may be misspellings, misuse of punctuations or abbreviations, and so on, thus leaving the task of figuring out the most relevant and optimal results to the search engine.

To save you time and effort when building out your keyword lists, Native & Search automatically expands keyword matching for close variants of the words.

For example, all of the following are close variants:

  • Plurals: shoe, shoes.

  • Stemming: sing lessons, singing lessons.

  • Misspellings: valcano vacations, volcano vacations.

  • Common spelling variations: color, colour.

  • Abbreviations and acronyms: hollywood ca, hollywood california.

  • Word blending and splitting: cruise excursions, cruiseexcursions.

  • Certain punctuations: yahoo, yahoo!

  • Websites:,, yahoo

  • Certain stopwords: hotel in new york, hotel new york

  • Different order of words but same meaning: yahoo gemini, gemini yahoo.