Use Negative Keyword Lists

You can create and build lists of negative keyword lists for all or selected campaigns, using the Native Shared Library options.

Negative keywords enable you to refine your matching by blocking words, i.e., excluding words or phrases that you believe are not relevant to your products and services. Both negative phrase and negative exact are supported as match types.

By creating negative keyword lists and applying them to your campaigns, you’ll be able to optimize your Yahoo Native search campaigns, improve click-thru (CTR) rates and increase click volumes. You’ll also be able to add your negative keyword lists to multiple campaigns for best results.


You can create additional negative keyword lists that are unique to a particular ad group when managing your lists.

Before You Start

If you are not familiar conceptually with match types in Yahoo Native, you may wish to read the sections How to Use Match Types for Keywords and Using Negative Keywords before starting.


To apply negative keywords to your campaigns, you’ll first need to draw up a list of words and phrases to exclude. You may want to group these negative keywords by category, like adult topic-related, business to business, business to consumer, or non-purchase examples, depending on the targeting of your Native campaigns. In so doing, you’ll be able to improve your click-thru (CTR) rates and increase the volume of clicks that are relevant to your campaigns.

How To Create Negative Keyword Lists

To create a Negative keyword list:

  1. From the Yahoo Native Shared library tab, click Negative keyword lists.

negative keyword lists menu item
  1. In the Negative keyword lists dialog, click New list.

negative keyword lists dialog
  1. In the New negative keyword list dialog, enter your List name and your list of one or more keywords per line that you wish to exclude.

negative keywords excluded words
  1. In the Apply to dialog, select the Campaigns to which you wish to apply your negative keywords.

apply campaigns list negative keywords selected
  1. Once you’ve completed applying the campaigns you’ve selected, click Create keyword list.

  1. View your Negative keyword list with keywords you’ve excluded and keyword match types.

negative keyword tom best list
  1. In your Campaigns tab, you’ll be able to add, edit and remove negative keywords from the list.

campaigns applied negative keywords

Learn More

Explore some of these external links —— not related to Native Ad Platform —— that provide you with a sampling of lists of negative keywords:


If you wish to take advantage of Native Keyword targeting in the programmatic v2 Yahoo Native API, you’ll find more information in the section on Keyword Objects. Using the Keyword objects in the programmatic v2 API, you can set and manage keyword match types as well as keyword-level bids.