New Gemini Power Editor Introduced - Preview

Welcome to the Preview release of the Gemini Power Editor!

Gemini now provides you with a new Power Editor that lets you manage your accounts more efficiently for greater control over your advertising campaigns.

The Power Editor is easy to use and particularly useful for handling multiple campaigns with extensive lists of ads and keywords.

You can edit your campaigns in the Gemini UI with a few simple clicks, and then commit your changes with immediate results and updates.


This is the first MVP (minimum viable product) release of this editing tool. The objective is for advertisers to familiarize themselves with the new editing flow and provide the product development team with valuable feedback for future enhancements. To provide feedback, click the feedback link at the bottom left corner of the Power Editor workspace.

Value Proposition

The core value proposition for the Gemini Power Editor is to provide advertisers with greater operational efficiency for monitoring and managing items across multiple entities, like accounts, campaigns, adgroups and ads.

Some of the capabilities available in the Preview release include:

  • Filtering: Filter items such as ads based on performance across multiple campaigns.

  • Bulk edit: Perform edits for each entity across multiple items, using Gemini’s powerful editing features.

  • Edit before commit: Make multiple changes across multiple entities, and then review them before the final commit is made.

  • Edit across multiple accounts: View and edit multiple items across multiple accounts.

How It Works

  1. Once you sign in to your Yahoo Gemini account, navigate to Power editor and click the tab.

power editor tab .
  1. Four main panels comprise the Gemini Power Editor workspace. In each panel, you can perform the editing tasks necessary for your campaign management and workflows, as shown below.

power editor main workspace



Account - (A)

Where you choose the accounts you want to edit.

Manage - (B)

Where you select the entity you wish to edit.

Entity - (C)

The rows of items within the entity.

Edit- (D)

The edit functions available for selected entities.

  1. Navigate to the Account panel and select the accounts to which you would like to make edits. You can either select the multiple accounts by clicking the accounts shown or by using the filter function.

  • Click the accounts. If you are running macOS, hold down the Command key while selecting multiple accounts. If you are running Windows, hold down the Control key while selecting multiple accounts.

  • Filter function. Click the filter icon (a funnel on the top right portion of the account panel). You can filter your accounts by entering multiple Account IDs or by entering Account names in the dialog box. Once you’ve made your selection, click Apply.

power editor click accounts
  1. Once you have selected the accounts, choose the entity in the Manage panel that you wish to edit. By default, campaign is selected.


Only 200 items will initially load out of the entire list of items. As you scroll down the list, the next batch of 200 items will load.

  1. In the Entity panel, you can select from the list of items that you want to make edits to. There is also a filter function to help you find specific items.

power editor entity panel
  1. In the Edit panel, you’ll see the set of edit functions available for a particular entity.


The edits that you make will only affect the items that are selected. Once your edits are made, you’ll see a triangle icon appear on the items being modified. However at this point, none of the edits are executed. You’ll need to click the Commit button for edits to be executed. You can make several edits, and review them before you hit the commit button.

power editor edit panel
  1. Once you click the Commit button, you’ll see a preview of the changes that will be made. After reviewing those changes and ensuring they are correct, you can click Commit changes to start the change process.

power editor commit changes
  1. While the commits are being executed, you’ll see a progress bar running. Once the progress bar confirms all executions are complete, you can click it to see the commit results.


How do I provide feedback on the new Gemini Power Editor?

Click the feedback link at the bottom left corner of the Power Editor. The Gemini product development welcomes your comments on this Preview release.