Use Audience Forecaster

Native Ad Platform provides you with an Audience Forecaster tool that you can use to forecast estimates of weekly performance for your Native advertising campaigns. The tool appears on both the campaign and ad group creation pages, shown below, and is available for Native-only campaigns.

For example, the tool will display the estimated size of your campaign audience based on Locations, Age, Gender, Interests, Custom Audiences and Devices. This information is essential for planning your Native campaigns, gaining insight into the weekly performance of your campaigns and maximizing your ROI.

Once you specify the criteria on which you wish to base your forecast, the tool automatically updates that information and provides you with an Audience summary.

forecast tool audience summary

In your Ad groups settings panel, you’ll see the weekly estimates based on your targeting settings for Audience size, Budget and Bid.

ad group forecast

The tool provides support for the following campaign objectives:

  • Visit my website

  • Re-enage my app

  • Promote my products

You can use this forecasting tool for Targeting by

  • Location (include-only)

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Devices

  • Interest

  • Custom Audiences (include-only)


The tool is available for Daily budget types only.