The following are some frequently asked questions about reporting in Native Ad Platform.

Can I export and schedule reports?

Reports can be exported to csv files from the dashboard.

To schedule reports and get more granular data, you can navigate to the Reporting Dashboard. You can also export reports from the Reporting Dashboard. Scheduled reports are delivered to the email address associated with your user credentials on gemini. Daily reports are sent at close of books for the day.

Can I select a reporting timeframe?

You can choose a week, month, 3 months or a custom date range.

How often are the metrics in the dashboard updated?

There is a 4 to 5 hour delay from the user event (impression, click, conversion) to the reporting user interface.

How long is reporting data retained in my account?

In most cases, you can query back 13 months, although, depending on the traffic volume of your campaign, we recommend using smaller date ranges.

What is the average CTR? Are there any benchmarks?

We are not able to provide any benchmarks at this time. However, we encourage you to review your reporting to better understand your key performance metrics.

How does Native ad platform count Impressions for Ads appearing on the Native content stream?

For ads appearing on the native content stream, Native Ad Platform counts the viewable impressions only. Impressions are not counted until a user scrolls down far enough for the ad to be shown/viewed.

How does Native ad platform count conversions?

For campaigns for which you have set up a conversion pixel, you can see conversions on the UI, or via report center. Native ad platform counts conversions that may have resulted from a user clicking on the ad, or that may resulted from a user viewing the ad. On the UI, you will see this as one metric. On the report center, you can see the breakdown of click and view based conversions.