Use New Low-Bid Alerts To Adjust & Optimize Your Bids

Yahoo Native ad platform provides you with a powerful, low-bid alert tool that notifies you in the Yahoo Native UI when your bid is no longer competitive.

The tool alerts you in real-time with information on your current bid and what the optimal bid is for your campaign or ad group. That means you can respond to that information expeditiously – in precise and timely fashion – by adjusting and optimizing your bid in your campaign or ad group.


The tool is intended for campaigns that are non-budget constrained. Advertisers and Account Managers can take advantage of these low-bid alerts to extend reach and increase ROI.

How It Works

If your campaign is not budget-constrained, Yahoo Native ad platform will be able to determine what your current bid is, and what the necessary bid is to capture 90% demand.

Yahoo Native will build a bid landscape based on your campaign and Ad group settings. Compare your current bid and the optimal bid. If your bid is less than the optimal bid, the tool will send a notification in the Yahoo Native UI.

In that alert, you’ll find:

  • Information in a upper right Notifications panel on your current bid and what the optimal bid is.

  • A link that takes you to the appropriate campaign or Ad group where you can adjust your bid.

A Typical Low-Bid Alert Scenario

A typical low-bid alert scenario looks like this for campaigns in your Ad groups:

  1. Once a low-bid occurs, you’ll receive an alert notification in the Native UI in the upper right panel.

  2. That notification indicates your bid is less than the optimal bid.

  3. In the Yahoo Native UI, you’ll now see the Filters Delivery status highlighted, with the Delivery status column showing the limited low bids for the campaigns in your Ad groups, as shown below.

low bid filters list
  1. Now you’ll be able to update each one of the limited low bids for the campaigns in your Ad groups and make them optimally competitive.


The Apply all recommendations action feature is not yet available in this release.