Metric Insights

Yahoo Native reporting provides you with a wide range of metric insights.

Some are standard metrics that apply to all platforms and all marketing objectives. Other metrics are specific to the platform, like search or native, and the campaign marketing objective.

You can view these on the Reporting Dashboard:

  • Impressions: Count of ads shown to users.

  • Views: Count of video ad views.

  • Clicks: Count of clicks on your ads.

  • CTR%: The number of clicks received divided by the number of impressions generated. Example: 1,000,000 impressions and 5000 clicks so CTR is 5000/1,000,000 * 100 = 0.5%.

  • Conversions: Count of times users viewed or clicked on your ads and performed a specific action on your site where you have installed the conversion pixel.

  • Spend: The amount you have spent for the user actions that you have achieved. Please note that this should be used as guidance only as the amount you are charged may differ.

  • Average Cost: The average cost per click over the selected time frame.

  • Average Position: Average position of your ad relative to other ads.

  • Max Bid: The maximum bid used during the selected time frame.

  • Video Starts: Count of video ad starts.

  • Video n% Complete: Number of times the video ad played to n% of its length

  • Video Closed: Number of times the video ad was closed.

  • Video Skipped: Number of times the video ad was skipped.

  • Ad Extension Metrics: Impressions, clicks, spend, conversions associated with search ad extensions.

  • Adjustments: In some cases, Yahoo Native may over deliver beyond your account or campaign budget. In these instances, Native will credit the over-spend to your account, campaign as an adjustment. These show up on the dashboard and in the Custom Adjustments Report.

  • Impression Share, Click Share, and Conversion Share, which are available in the SOV report.

  • Post Click Conversions.

  • ROAS (Return On Spend): Calculated by the conversion value divided by your ad spend.