Use Supply Group Insights to Optimize Supply Group Modifiers

Yahoo Native extends the functionality of Account Insights with a set of insight features that enable advertisers to optimize supply group modifiers for native campaigns.

That means, you’ll be able to optimize your daily workflow with a few simple clicks in the Native UI – without having to manually pull reports when you analyze and review the performance of supply groups.

Using these new insight capabilities, you can now identify competitive opportunities to increase supply group bids for your CPC campaigns.


For details about how you can surface everyday native optimization tasks and discover performance insights at a glance, see How to Use Account Insights to Optimize Campaign Performance.

Video WalkThrough

For a brief walkthrough of Supply Group Bid Insights, check out this video:

Key Features

In the Account Health Summary panel on the Overview tab, you can

  • View a new field that highlights campaigns that have an opportunity to bid more competitively in supply groups.

  • Take advantage of a new modifier benchmark and planning drawer, accessible through the Supply Group opportunity column in the campaign table. This is aimed at CPC campaigns that aren’t using ad group supply modifiers.

  • Use the planning drawer to evaluate the bid strength value for each supply group, and also view a graph that displays KPIs for the campaign at the supply group level.

  • View a new, updated Bid Adjustments report that exposes campaign performance in each supply group – regardless of whether or not a bid modifier is in place for the group.

How It Works

For Account Health Alerts:

A campaign is flagged as having a supply group bid opportunity if its supply group bid strength falls at or below 5 for supply groups 1a and 1b, which are the most critical supply pools.

account health panel


Bid strength is defined here as a score from 1-10, with 10 being the strongest value, and 1 the weakest. Bid strength provides you with visibility into how competitive your supply group bids are against other advertisers who have similar geo-targeting settings.

The Supply Group Opportunity Filter:

When you click the filtered campaign view, the filter highlights campaigns with a Optimize Modifiers hyperlink that is clickable and offers access to the Supply Group Modifier Opportunity Drawer.

A Normal status highlights campaigns that have a healthy bid strength for supply groups 1a/1b (defined as being 6-10), which is also clickable and allows you to open the modifier drawer to review performance and bid strength values.

filters supply group

The Supply Group Opportunity Drawer

The drawer displays the bid strength for each supply group modifier.

You can review your current bid strength and adjust the value in the new modifier column to see how your bid strength changes at new modifier percentage values.

A KPI graph displays a variety of supply group performance KPIs, i.e., Impressions, Clicks, Spend, Post Click Conversions, CTR and CPC for your selected date range.

optimize supply groups


What if I’m using ad group level supply modifiers?

Most advertisers are setting supply group modifiers at the campaign level. Therefore, we’ve structured this feature to accommodate the most common campaign structure use case. If you wish to use these new features, we recommend that you set modifiers at the campaign level.

I changed my bid strength and the opportunity totals aren’t decreasing in the account overview tab or the campaign filter. What gives?

Currently, the opportunity filter update cadence is limited by a reporting refresh that will occur every hour, so opportunities may linger for up to an hour after any changes are made to bid strength.