Yahoo provides a number of resources for Native advertisers who want to stay current with Yahoo products, features and new releases.

You can also tap into a variety of blog posts, social media sites, video tutorials to extend your understanding of how to get best results with your Yahoo Native ad campaigns.

Native & Search Blog Sites

Social Media Sites

  • Check out the Advertising site for news and media on Facebook. You’ll find news, trends and information about the latest webinars, how to register for these events, so you can track trends, learn what content resonates with Gen X’ers and how to devise creative strategies for connecting with Gen X users.

Native Ad Formats & Specifications

For information about specifications for native ad formats, check out refer to Yahoo Advertising Policies.

If you’re an app developer and you want to implement native ads in your apps, be sure to review the Yahoo Native Advertising Guidelines. These native ad design guidelines will help you build engaging ad experiences while protecting the integrity of advertisers’ brand assets.

Product Feedback

The Yahoo Ad Tech platform team is constantly building new Yahoo Native tools, features and capabilities to expand your advertising reach and scale. Email the Yahoo Native Team at if you have specific requests or want a callback to address your advertising needs.