Programmatic Yahoo Native API

The Yahoo Native API lets you programmatically manage your complex account campaigns, ads, bids and more.

You can optimize your campaigns by targeting based on location, interests, gender, device and language.

Using the API, you can measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns with the Native API’s reporting services.

To get started, you need to apply for an API Key. Yahoo will then review your application and provide you access to create an application that can access the Yahoo Native API. You’ll receive a Consumer Key and Secret, which you’ll need to use the Native API.


The Yahoo Native API provides qualifying developers with RESTful access to mobile search and native advertising results with a simple pricing scheme based on usage.

Using the API, you can programmatically buy, manage and optimize mobile search and native advertising for campaigns across Verizon Media’s mobile inventory.

As a Verizon Media developer or partner, you’ll be able to work with a set of RESTful objects to create, manage and retrieve advertiser data for your ads, ad groups and campaigns.

Some of the Key Benefits

Using the Native API you can

  • read data for filtered lists of ads

  • specify objects that you can use for targeting

  • customize mobile search ads by using text variables

  • retrieve ad extensions that are grouped by type for a specific parent

  • query reporting at different entity levels and fetch reports in CSV format

  • work with a sandbox environment to test campaigns you’ve created and managed