Create Audiences From Your Email Lists

You can create and build a custom audience of people on your email lists for targeting campaigns.

To create an audience from your email lists:

  1. From the Yahoo Native Shared library tab, click Custom Audience from the dropdown menu.

select custom audience tools list
  1. In the Custom Audience dialog, click New custom audience.

new audience click button
  1. Click Select in Email Addresses.

custom audience email lists
  1. In the Create new audience dialog, enter your Audience name. You can drag & drop a .csv file with your email addresses.

audience name create
  1. View the accepted file formats for your .csv file.

accepted file formats


Ensure that your uploaded filed are not larger than 100k rows. If you have more records to upload, you should break them down into multiple files, or if you wish, you can use the Native Ad Platform API to load larger files.


When you do the upload of your .csv file, Native will lowercase all the email addresses and remove any spaces. Yahoo Native will then encrypt the file to protect the personal data that resides in your email lists. If you wish, you can also perform this task yourself, i.e., lowercase the email addresses and remove the spaces, and then upload the pre-encrypted file. Note, however, that you must use the sha256 as your encryption function; otherwise, Native will not be able to use your files.


If you upload a file with emails unencrypted, Native will encrypt them for you before sending them over the wire to our Verizon system. That’s performed for privacy and security reasons. If you upload a file that is already encrypted, that should work as well, as long as you encrypt all the emails using sha256. That said, we recommend sending unencrypted files to prevent human errors.

  1. View the field with the your .csv list of email addresses. Click Create audience.

dropped email list
  1. View your custom audience of email addresses, with Type, ID, User count, and Creation date.

new custom audience email type

If you wish to delete any of your custom audience, simply click the custom audiences checkbox for your audience. Then click the Actions menu item to highlight the audience, and select Delete from the pulldown menu.


When the audience is deleted, all the files associated with that audience are deleted as well. Native Ad Platform will not retain any first-party data.