Create an Audience of In-App Events

You can create in-app events to build a custom audience for retargeting campaigns on iOS or to cross-promote your users to different apps.

To create an apps events audience:

  1. From the Native Tools tab, click Custom Audience.

  2. To the right of the App events option, click Select.

  1. In the Create an app events audience dialog, enter a name for your new audience.

  1. Enter the App URL in the next field.

  2. In the Event definition, enter from the listed categories the type of app event you wish to define.

  3. Click Create audience.


If you’re working with a 3rd party tracker, like Tune, Adjust or Flurry Pulse, be sure to enter the Yahoo Conversion Tag ID (Dot tag ID) into the 3rd-party UI and choose which events to send in. For more information, refer to the discussion of 3rd party trackers in the FAQs for Tracking.