Create an Audience of Your Site Visitors

You can create an audience made up of your site visitors. Creating an audience of your site visitors is useful because you can retarget people who have been to your site in the past.

To create an audience of your site visitors:

  1. From the Native Shared library tab, click Custom Audience from the dropdown menu.

  1. Click New audience on the Custom audience page.

  2. On the Choose the type of audience you want to create, click Select for Website traffic.


You see the Create new audience page.

  1. Enter a name for your new audience.

  1. From People who, select visited my website from the Website traffic dropdown list.

  2. Select how far back in time you want Native Ad Platform to go in determining who should be part of the audience. In the past list, select the number of days in descending order from 30 days.

  3. Click Create audience.

On the Custom audience page, you’ll see a list of custom audiences, with Type, ID, User count and Creation date specified.

  1. Select your custom audience and click on the audience in the list.

  2. In the Audience dialog that pops up, with your Audience name entered, People who visited your website and days in the past specified, click Save.

If you wish to use the Default Conversion Tracking pixel, you can view the tag code.

  1. You now have two options for how you would like to add your conversion tracking tag code.


You can:

  1. Select the I can add the code snippet to my website radio button and copy the tag code from the notification window, and paste it into your website HTML for all applicable web pages. Note that you’ll need to paste it above the </body> tag at the bottom of your HTML source page.

  2. Select the radio button: Someone else will add the code snippet to your website.

Once you’ve completed your selections, click Finish.