Create an Audience that Visits Specific Pages

You can create an audience made up of people who visit specific pages. Creating an audience of people who visit specific pages is useful if you want a more granular target that takes into account the exact pages the users visited.

For example, you may want to retarget people who visited sale pages in the past, or people who visited your competitors’ pages.


To create an audience of people who visit specific pages:

  1. From the Native Tools tab, click Custom Audience.

  1. To the right of the Website traffic option, click Select.


You see the Create new audience page.

  1. Enter a name for your new audience.

  2. Select visited specific pages from the Website traffic dropdown list.

  1. Type the URL keywords in the Include people who visit any web page that meets these rules field.

  1. Select how far back in time you want Yahoo Native & Search to go in determining who should be part of the audience. From in the past dropdown list, select from any day in a list of 30 days.

  2. Click Create audience.

You see a notification and some tag code.

  1. Add the JavaScript tag code to your website HTML.

Do one of the following: - Copy the tag code from the notification window, and paste it into your website HTML for all applicable web pages. Note that you’ll need to paste it above the /body tag at the bottom of your HTML source page. - Click Email tag code, and paste the code from email into your website HTML for all applicable web pages.