The following are some frequently asked questions about working with in-app events in Native Ad Platform.

How do in-app events work?

If you’re an app advertiser, you can send in-app events into Native. You can use in-app events to build a custom audience for retargeting campaigns on iOS or Android, or to cross-promote your users to different apps.

You send in-app events to Native via your standard 3rd-party trackers.

Supported 3rd-party trackers include

  • Tune

  • Adjust

  • AppsFlyer

  • Kochava

  • Flurry Pulse

How do I inform the 3rd-party tracker to send in-app events?

Each supported 3rd-party has an option in their UI to send in-app events to Native. To successfully send in events, you must enter the Conversion Tag ID into the 3rd-party UI and choose which events to send in.

How do 3rd-party trackers send in-app events into Native?

3rd-party trackers send in-app events to a Yahoo endpoint that they’ve specifically integrated with.

Where do I find my Yahoo Conversion Tag ID?

Open your Native account and navigate to Settings > View tag code. On this page, you’ll find the Yahoo Conversion Tag ID listed, like this: ‘pixelId’:’402930’. In this case, the Yahoo Conversion Tag ID = 402930.

Can I build a custom audience off of the in-app events?


How do I set up a custom audience off of in-app events?

Navigate to Shared library > Custom Audience > App Events section of the Native UI. Define the following:

  • The app to which you’ll be sending in-app events.

  • The name of the event category.

  • The name of the event action.

The dot pixel ID of your 3P that will send into Native.


The event category, event action and dot pixel IDs that you select will need to match exactly what the 3rd-party tracker sends to Native.