Enhanced Lookalike Audience Capability

Yahoo Native provides you with an enhanced Lookalike capability in the UI for greater control and insight of your lookalike audience campaigns.

Using Lookalike audiences, you can target a group of users who have similar web browsing or buying habits as your current customers.

You navigate to Shared Library > Custom audiences > Get started and select Lookalike audience as your objective.

lookalike audience objective

How It Works

Once you enter the Audience name you want to reach your customers, you’ll be able to specify the source for your custom audience, as well as its size.

  1. Enter your Audience name.

lookalike create new audience
  1. Select a new source for your Lookalike audience. You can now see the seed size by hovering over the source.

lookalike audience source

Hovering over the source, you’ll be able to view the seed size for your Lookalike audience.


If the source has a seed size less than 1,000, you won’t be able to create a Lookalike campaign. The Native UI includes a new guard rail that ensures you’ll have enough sample data when modeling the output.

  1. Determine the output size by entering the output of the seed multiplier. The range is 10X to 1,000X, with a default multiple set at 20X. There is also an upper limit cap of 10M users allowed in this segment.

lookalike audience size


When a campaign is running, changing the multiple will require 24-36 hours to reflect.

  1. Once you’ve completed filling in the fields for Lookalike audience, click Create.