Track Conversions on Your Website

You can use Conversion Tracking to gain greater visibility into the number of times that people come to your website and become customers. Any one of your website pages can be used to track conversions. It just depends on what user action you want to track.

For example, you can set up conversion tracking for the page that the user sees after registering to your site.

Conversion tracking is a great way to determine if your campaign is working and how effective it is. You can then measure and optimize your campaign’s performance.

How Does It Work?

To make this happen, you simply create a conversion rule with a name and category, adding a default value and telling us what is the URL of your conversion web page. You then place a code snippet - a conversion tracking tag - on your website. This code snippet informs you when a user has reached the conversion page or taken an action on your web page.

Cool Things You Can Do

  • Use a conversion tag for both native and mobile search ads. Note that mobile search is currently US only.

  • Track post-click conversions with a 30-day conversion window with Yahoo Native & Search tags.

  • View conversion metrics at the campaign level in Yahoo Native & Search (by downloading your bulk file).

  • Optimize your campaign manually based on the conversion metrics exported in reporting.

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