Use Yahoo Interest Categories For Targeting & Expanded Reach

Yahoo Native provides you with a new and powerful targeting feature in the Native UI: Yahoo Segments (also called Yahoo Audiences). Yahoo Audiences, which are available for campaigns and ad groups, are highly-scaled and accurate targeting segments that enable you to expand audience reach and improve performance.

Using Yahoo Audiences, you can leverage the power of a wide-range of data sets from across Yahoo, including web content, SDKs, search, mail, purchase data and more.

Yahoo Audience segments now replace the previous set of interest categories, which was limited, for all Native campaigns and ad groups. Once you create a new campaign, you will now see the new taxonomy segments that you can browse and search.

Available Audience Segments

The following table describes the available audience segments & categories:



Interest & Mobile Interest Segments

Built from site visits, keyword searches, emails from brands and mobile app usage.

In Market

Built with seed data from actual purchases tracked via email receipts or 3rd parties, then scaled into predictions of future buyers.

Household & Lifestages

Sourced from registered Yahoo users and subscribers, enhanced with demographic attributes.

How It Works

To target Yahoo Audience segments on your Yahoo Native campaigns or adgroups, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Define your audience panel for your campaigns and ad groups.

oath audiences
  1. Click the Yahoo audiences input field to browse and search through available categories and segments.

oath audiences targeting

oath audiences data
  1. You can also search for specific segments. For example, enter a keyword, like auto, into Verizon Media audiences field, and all relevant segments can be viewed in the panel below.

oath audiences browse

You can add the segment by clicking it.

  1. If you enter another search keyword – for example, insurance in the search field above, you can add more segments of choice.

oath audiences search


Yahoo Audience targeting is only available for Yahoo Native campaigns and ad groups.