Use Site Blocking For Brand Safety & Improved Performance

Yahoo Native provides you with the capability to block sites when you define your audience in the UI. You simply enter the URLs of the sites you wish to block, and once you’ve completed filling in the fields for your campaign, click Save campaign details and continue.

Blocking sites is useful for ensuring safety of your brand as well as improving the performance of your Native ad campaigns. You can block either by URL for the web or by the package name for apps.


Site blocking is available for both native and app install campaigns.

How It Works

To specify sites you wish to block:

In the Yahoo Native UI, navigate to Manage Ads > New Campaign > General Information > Define your audience. In the Blocked sites panel, you can enter the URL for the sites that you wish blocked, or the app package name you want blocked, one entry per line.

site blocking in UI

Support for Subdomain Blocking

Yahoo Native provides “fan out” support for up to 3 domain levels. That means, if you block a domain, we will block the subdomains beneath your input up to 3 levels. For explicit examples, see the table below.

Exact matches to the input domain will always be honored, but fan out is still only supported up to 3 levels. Note that we do not support path blocking.


User input


Top-level domain

Blocks, as well as and

Subdomain within 3 levels

Blocks, as well as This will not block

Subdomain outside of 3 levels

Blocks because it is an exact match, but will not block

Error Checking

Yahoo Native also provides you with valuable error checking. That means, you’ll be notified when your impression percentages hit a certain threshold. For example:

  • If your impression percentage increases beyond 15%, a warning message is displayed. If it hits 20%, another error message appears. Your campaign cannot be created unless you bring the limit back below 20%.

  • Note that blocking any Yahoo sites, like,, or, will return an error.

  • Site block targeting will not be reflected in the Audience Summary number.


If you hit the 20% impression volume for site blocking, check your Domain Performance report and use that to update your list of blocked sites. The limit is 20% of impressions or 500 sites/apps.