Troubleshooting Your Ads

This section addresses topics and issues that Yahoo advertisers may encounter when working with the Yahoo Native UI.

Look for timely updates to this section as additional information is provided from Yahoo sales, marketing and engineering teams.

Issue: Differences Between Third-Party Reporting Tools and Yahoo Native Ads Reporting

If you’re using a third-party reporting tool to gain insights (i.e., data ) on the performance of your Native ad campaigns, you may encounter reporting differences (variances) of up 20% from that tool and Yahoo Native reporting tools.

This variance can be attributed to differing counting methodologies that exist between Native and third-party tool providers.

How third-parties count visits and categorize IP addresses, for example, may be different from Native, thus causing the variance.

If, as an advertiser, you can provide the Yahoo Native team with the relevant IP address and referring URL, or source domain for each click event, we can investigate further to determine the variances in reporting between Yahoo Native and third-party tool providers.

Issue: Defaulting to the Minimum Bid Value Without Reporting an Error

Budgets that are set to less than the minimum value (for example, $3 rather $5) will automatically default to the minimum bid value, i.e., $5. No error will be reported to the user. This is standard Native Ad Platform behavior.

Note that when working with the Native UI, you will be able to identify such an error and take the necessary steps to fix it. When working with the BULK API, this may be more difficult to identify and thus fix, so the standard behavior is to default to the minimum bid value.