June 2022

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Preferred Network.

[Important] Import of AdWords and Usage of Account Sync Now End of Life

  • Yahoo is now moving toward a single point of entry for managing all Native demand accounts. As a result of this change, accounts that rely on importing Google AdWords and using Account Sync (a tab in the user interface) will no longer be supported and will be officially designated as End of Life (EOL). Accounts that are synced from AdWords, the AdWords API and account syncing in the UI will not be migrated over to the single, unified demand platform.

  • Your current campaigns will continue to serve. Campaigns will no longer be able to use AdWords sync to update their marketing. The AdWords sync search-on-native feature in Native will not migrate to the unified demand platform and will be replaced by Search Retargeting on the new platform.

Yahoo Native to Yahoo DSP API Migration Guide

  • Yahoo Native and Yahoo DSP will be merging into a single, unified demand platform. The goal is to provide Yahoo advertisers with a unified interface that simplifies buying and optimization across all media types – for example, Video, and Yahoo Preferred Network (formerly Native Marketplace) – and across all media buy types, like RTB, Reserved, as well as across all supply sources – O&O + 3rd party. That means, Yahoo advertisers, developers and partners will be able to buy both Yahoo O&O Native and DSP more efficiently – and with improved conversion and performance results.

  • Navigate to the Yahoo Native to Yahoo DSP API Migration Guide for information about the high-level changes that you need to consider and understand when migrating from Yahoo Native to Yahoo DSP. The guide describes in parallel the RESTful API endpoints and methods, headers and body, Curl and JSON responses for your campaigns when you transition your code base from Native to DSP. Explore the guide for an overview, and resources including migration strategies, how to get started, caveats & considerations, sample code and partner support.

Recent Rebrand of Yahoo Ad Platform Documentation & Interfaces

Be sure to check out the podcast and latest info on our rebranding by Mark Meyer, Director of Solutions Engineering for Yahoo Native and DSP Ad Platforms. Mark provides you with a capsule summary of Yahoo features, changes and product enhancements released by the product development team.

In this podcast, Mark discusses the recent rebrand of our ad platform documentation and interfaces, from Verizon Media to Yahoo, as part of the recent Apollo Group acquisition. This brand change will have no effect on Native or DSP API functionality. Tune in for more details.

Updated Dynamic Creative Optimization & Multivariate Ad Testing

  • Based on feedback coming from clients, we’ve updated the DCO to optimize for CVR rather than for CTR. See Advanced Dynamic Creative Optimization documentation for more information and a new addition to the best practices section of the doc.

New Moments Ads

  • Introducing Moments, a new Native ad canvas that scales across Yahoo Native’s category-leading mobile app and web properties. Leveraging the interscroller format, a Moments Ad is revealed as a user scrolls vertically until the experience fills the entire screen. Moments supports both static and video portrait assets, and is available for both managed and self-serve advertisers.

See the new Moments Ads guide for Video Examples, Types & Formats, downloadable Moments Guidelines PDF, downloadable Matrix View of Required Fields, Technical Requirements, and links to more resources. API support for Moments is provided with additional fields that are available in Ad Fields and Ad Asset Fields.

For details about Bulk support, see Bulk Ads and Ad Assets documentation.

New Rebranded Shopify app from Yahoo Native

The new Shopify app from Yahoo Native provides advertisers with a Shopify extension as part of the Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) integration.

The app is available for download on the Shopify app store. The app, which is free, offers a very simple setup and workflow that lets you create a DPA ad campaign in less than 5 minutes.

See Shopify App - Product Ads for more information on campaign setup, workflow, sample e-commerce sites and FAQs.

Reminder: New Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Multivariate Ad Testing

Yahoo Native now introduces Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Multivariate Ad Testing for all advertiser accounts. This new feature capability enables advertisers to define in advance the creative elements and let the system dynamically optimize to their most effective combinations in their native ad campaigns. Success is evaluated on the basis of CTR. The feature is available on native for single image ad formats and currently only through bulksheet.

See the documentation in the Advertiser Guide to learn more about key benefits, creative elements, how it works, campaign setup, reporting, best practices, FAQs and more.

Also, be sure to check out the latest Yahoo Native Blog Post: Build Breakthrough Ads with Dynamic Creative.

Important: New Restrictions for Square and HQ Images in Single Image ads

When creating your ad, you will need to include an imageUrl and imageUrlHQ in the API and an Ad HQ Image URL in BULK. Note that the imageUrl must have a 1:1 aspect ratio. A square image (imageLargeUrl) is mandatory. If you upload an 800x800 image, for example, the asset will be resized down to 627x627 pixels. And if you upload an 800x850 image, the asset will be resized and cropped down to 627x627 pixels. If the image is off from the 1:1 aspect ratio by more than 10%, the asset will be rejected and ad creation will fail. For example, an 800x1000 image is more than 10% off from 1:1 square, so it will be rejected

This applies to API, UI and BULK uploads. Ensure that you follow these requirements when creating single image and carousel ads. Use a 1:1 aspect ratio and an exact size of 627x627 for a square asset for carousel ads.


This is a requirement now for Image ad formats. Video, Mail sponsored, and carousel ads are unchanged as they’re already required to meet these restrictions.

The image requirements for various assets is shown in the table below:



Aspect ratio enforced?

Rectangle image - 1200x627px


Yes - 1.9.1

Square image - 627x627px


Yes - 1:1

Thumbnail - 180x180px


No - 1:1


Existing ads that are missing square assets will experience reduced supply as they are dropped from rendering on ad units that need the square asset.

New Dynamic Product Ads Guide

  • We’ve rolled out a new portal dedicated to Dynamic Product Ads in our documentation suite. This empowers partners and advertisers with an expanded set of resources in one location, to help streamline DPA planning and setup. This guide is a repository intended for DPA partners, developers and account managers. It serves as the source of truth for the combined documentation suites for all technical content dedicated to DPA for the Native API and Native UI. Use our guide as a toolkit to navigate topics and essential reference material, and to explore implementation details, how-to’s, case studies, FAQs and best practices.

New Thought Leadership Series: Trusted News

  • Yahoo Native has launched a new thought leadership series, starting with Trusted News. Also, Yahoo Native has created a Coronavirus hub page across the Yahoo ecosystem (News, Finance, Sports, Lifestyle and Entertainment) that aggregates the latest news about the pandemic in the U.S. and across the globe to keep our nearly 900M users informed with trusted content.

New: Countdown Timer Prefix Text for Flash Sale Ad

To add Countdown Prefix to a Flash Sale Ad in the UI, refer to the Advertiser Guide for options and examples.

New: Strict Validation for Redirect URLs


We now have strict validation for our redirect URLs. This means that if a registered redirect URL is, for example, http://example.com, but the actual redirect URL is http://example.com/test, the redirect will fail. For more details, see Latest Updates.

Updated Bulk Operations

  • We’ve updated the API documentation for Bulk operations, with the latest information on how to upload and download bulk files in your advertiser accounts. A sample tab-separated CSV file spreadsheet is provided, along with information on Bulk schemas and objects. Check out the documentation for Bulk Operations.

New: Video in Ad Workshop: Zen and the Art of Digital Storytelling

  • Check out our latest video in the Ad Workshop section of the Advertiser Guide: Zen & the Art of Digital Storytelling. In this video, we step back a bit to explore some of the techniques you can employ to write ad copy that works best to reach and connect with your target customers.

Frank Palmieri, a Senior Manager on the Account Strategy team at Yahoo Native, walks you through the steps you need to follow – and delivers the answers. The essence of writing great ad copy – copy that converts – is telling a compelling story that excites your customers and provides them with a call to action.