April 2017

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

New Summary Functionality Introduced

Gemini now provides advertisers with a new summarized view for each campaign for a specified date range.

In previous versions of Gemini, you could not create a summarized total for a specific date range in each of your campaigns. Typically, each day’s metrics (by each campaign) would appear and you would need to manipulate the data to get a summary for the specified date range.

Because you now don’t have to manipulate that data manually, you’ll save time and effort, with a demonstrable net gain in productivity when working with your Gemini campaigns. Be sure to take advantage of this new feature as a Gemini best practice.

How It Works

When creating reports, de-select Day when you modify columns and your report will summarize, as shown below.

summary view