April 2018

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

New Bidding Strategies for Native Added

Gemini now provides you with new bidding strategies, so you can reach a wider range of goals. Each strategy enables you to have greater flexibility and control of your bidding.

Select the strategy that works for your campaigns:

  1. Complete control of your bidding.

  2. Aiming to hit a CPC goal while also driving additional conversions.

  3. Maximizing the number of conversions driven by budget to meet specific spend goals.

In the Gemini Campaign settings panel, you’ll see a list of Bid strategy options, in this case with Maximize conversions selected.

bid strategy max conversions

For more information about these new bidding strategies and to identity the use case that works best for you, see Use New Bidding Strategies For Greater Control & Flexibility.

New Chrome Extension For Dot Tags Introduced

If you’re working with Gemini Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), you can now add a new Chrome extension to inspect, validate and troubleshoot Dot tags that you’ve instrumented on your website.

To install the Chrome extension:

  1. Click Yahoo Gemini Dot Helper.

You’ll land on the Developer Tools section of the Chrome Web Store where you can add the extension to your Chrome browser.

  1. Click the ADD TO CHROME button in the upper right corner to install the extension and add it to your Chrome browser.

Once you’ve installed Dot tags as part of your Dot instrumentation, this handy tool lets you verify if those tags are sending all the necessary parameters required by Dynamic Product Ads.

The tool performs a simple check on the required parameters:

dot help main screen

For more information, refer to How to Install Chrome Extension to Validate Dot Tags.

New Conversion Value Metrics Introduced

Gemini now lets you calculate the total Conversion Value and total ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for your Gemini campaigns, ad groups and ads.

The Conversion Value will report the revenue, i.e., the value that you pass to Gemini on each conversion and provide you with performance metrics, such as impressions and clicks.

The calculation is performed with this formula:

return on ad spend formula

As shown, ROAS is simply the revenue (conversion value) divided by ad spend.

ROAS will calculate the ROIs that are returned for each campaign, according to the Conversion Value that you provide via your Dot tag instrumentation.

Using this powerful, new feature, you can track all your revenue online and view your ROI at the campaign, ad groups and ads level directly in Gemini.

In the Gemini UI, select Conversions in the Customize columns panel and click the checkboxes for Total ROAS and Total Conversion Value:

custom columns roas

For more information about Reporting Metrics, see Metric Insights.

Updates to Dynamic Product Ads

  • To get an overview of DPA types and features, check out the new video for Dynamic Product Ads.

  • For more a detailed explanation of macros you can use in DPA ad templates, see DPA Ad Templates.

  • Look for new upcoming Hands-On Videos that walk you through the steps you need to follow to work effectively with DPA.