August 2017

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

Use New Dimensions Tab To Instantly View Dimension Data

Yahoo Gemini now provides you with a new, easy-to-use Dimensions tab in the Gemini UI that lets you view data by dimensions instantly across all accounts, campaigns and single campaigns.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Reduces the number of times (i.e., frequency) you have to download your reports. For advertisers, dimensions data is now available instantly in the Gemini UI.

  • Dimension reports are available for Device types, including Age, Hour, Day, as well as for Search terms.

  • Advertisers and Account Managers can take advantage of this level of granular reporting to optimize their accounts’ and campaigns’ performance.

For more information, check out the new feature at Dimension Tab For Viewing Dimension Data.