December 2016

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

Introducing New Low-Bid Alerts To Adjust & Optimize Your Bids

Yahoo Gemini now provides you with a powerful, low-bid alert tool that notifies you in the Gemini UI when your bid is no longer competitive.

The tool alerts you in real-time with information on your current bid and what the optimal bid is for the campaigns in your Ad groups. That means you can respond to that information expeditiously – in precise and timely fashion – by adjusting and optimizing your bid in your campaign or ad group.

The Gemini UI with the Filtered Delivery status and columns indicating limited low bids for the campaigns in your Ad groups looks like, once a notification occurs.

low bid filters list


The tool is intended for campaigns that are non-budget constrained. Advertisers and Account Managers can take advantage of these low-bid alerts to extend reach and increase ROI.

Check out the section on How to Use Low-Bid Alerts To Adjust & Optimize Your Bids for more information on this new Gemini feature.