February 2017

Check out these new features, enhancements and changes introduced in Yahoo Gemini.

Newly Updated Guide On How To Drive Mobile App Installs

You can use Download my app campaigns to promote downloads of your apps to Yahoo’s 600 million mobile users via Gemini’s native ads.

choose download objective

The How-To Guide describes in detail the steps you need to follow when creating a campaign that drives app installs.

App install campaigns are only served to mobile and tablet devices. To launch a campaign, you first need a URL for your app that you can retrieve from the Google Play or the Apple App store.

Check out the section on How to Drive Mobile App Installs for a complete walkthrough on how to create app campaigns that drive performance, greater reach and improved ROI.

Check out, also, the Hands-On Video: Create Gemini App Install Campaigns, which walks you through the steps you take in the Gemini UI.

The video is part of the new Engage video series, presented by Gemini Product Managers and Application Developers, illustrating the steps and best practices you need to follow to accomplish a wide range of ad and campaign creation tasks, using the Gemini UI.

The video is 5:12 minutes.

New Cloning Feature Launched

In the Gemini UI, you can now clone your ads, campaigns and ad groups across multiple locations, with minimal effort, i.e., just a few mouse or keyboard clicks.

That means you can take advantage of your most successful ad assets, ad groups and campaigns by creating and replicating similar ones for use with different settings.

You simply select the Clone option in the Gemini Actions dropdown menu.

clone menu option ui

Check out the section How To Clone Campaigns, Ad Groups & Ads for more information on this new Gemini feature.

New Download & Upload by Account Ids Capability Launched

The Gemini UI now provides you with the capability of downloading and uploading multiple accounts at once, rather than downloading or uploading a single account one at a time.

This new feature enhancement lets you manage multiple accounts in Gemini with greater ease and utility.

  1. Simply access your accounts in the Gemini UI and select Actions.

  1. Click Actions > Download by account IDs to download multiple accounts, for example.

download account id
  1. Click Download. Note that you can enter or paste account IDs, either one per line or separated by commas. The maximum limit is 1000.

click download


You can also download multiple accounts using the Download selected - all levels option. To take advantage of this option, you first need to select the checkboxes next to the accounts you want to download before selecting Download selected - all levels:

download multiple accounts

Updates to Video Ad Technical Requirements

If you’re running a native video campaign, note that your video assets must meet the following requirements:

  • Formats: .mp4 .m4v or .mov

  • File Size: 1GB maximum

  • Duration: 5 seconds minimum, 30 seconds maximum for App Install campaigns, 5 minutes maximum for Promote Brand campaigns

  • Aspect Ratio: Minimum 480x360p (4:3) or 480x270 (16:9). Recommended 640x480 (4:3) or 640x360 (16:9)

  • Video Bitrate: 300kbps. Recommended 500kbps.

  • Audio Quality: If the video has audio, then it must have 2 channel stereo and minimum 32kbps. Recommended 64kbps.

For information on creating native video ad campaigns, check out How To Create Native Video Ads.

Also, if you’re working with Bulk for video ads running as PromoteBrand or AppInstall campaigns, your video assets must meet the technical requirements listed above.

For more information, check out Bulk Ads.

New Native Bid Adjustments Feature Extension Introduced

Native Bid Adjustments is a new advanced feature extension to the Yahoo Gemini native family that provides you with greater control over your campaign performance.

If you’re a brand or direct-response advertiser, you can now adjust bids to optimize supply and device placement toward your campaign objectives.

bid adjustment

For more information, check out Native Bid Adjustments.